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About Us

WINNWELL is hockey’s best kept secret. A privately-held Canadian company that is owned and operated by the Davies family. Steve Davies' history in the hockey industry is one of continued success and dates back to 1977, spanning several brands and businesses.

The company is driven by a single goal:
To make the game of hockey more accessible.

Over the years equipment costs have steadily increased across the industry and participation rates have suffered as a result. This is a trend that WINNWELL is trying to reverse by focusing on manufacturing high quality yet affordable equipment. The biggest brands in the industry have made their agenda clear by choosing to promote only their most expensive and highest performance products which are unattainable for many players. At WINNWELL, we understand that before anyone can compete at the highest level they need the opportunity to participate.

WINNWELL has changed a lot since 1906 when Wellinger & Dunn first started manufacturing its iconic leather gear on Sorauren Avenue (Toronto, ON, Canada). However, our commitment to the game has never been stronger than it is today.

WINNWELL remains laser focused on reducing the cost barriers to participate in hockey by providing a wide range of quality gear at an accessible price point so everyone has an opportunity to experience the game we cherish. We truly are... In It For The Game.

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